geicotaikisha informed

Dear business partners,


we would like to give you important information about our change of name and the merger with GEICO.


The GeicoTaikisha Group is a worldwide supplier of turnkey surface treatment and painting plants for the

most important car manufacturers worldwide.


It has an average turnover of $3.1 billion (including $1 billion from non-consolidated companies)

and 5,000 employees operating in 20 countries, 43 subsidiaries and 6 production units.


The transaction with J-PM Systems, as well as PSP and SAC, will enable the GeicoTaikisha Group

to further expand and strengthen its market position and expand its contacts with German OEMs.


In our opinion, this merger has become necessary in order to maintain a strong strategic partnership

and to grow further in a difficult market environment.


What does this mean for you?


As of 9.10. 2020 our company is now officially called GeicoTaikisha GmbH.


We will gradually rewrite our documents. Address and bank details as well as contact persons will remain the same.


We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with you in the future as GeicoTaikisha GmbH.


Herrenberg, October 2020

Part of the Group

Geico spa

In Alliance with Taikisha Ltd.

Via Pelizza da Volpedo, 109/111 Cinisello B., Milano - Italy